The founder of the "Eurasia" International film festival is the Ministry of culture and sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Eurasia IFF is not only the unique event that unites the filmmakers from all over the world, it is a big culturological project that very much contributes to the dynamiс economical, political and social development of Kazakhstan, that establishes the dialogue between different cultures despite of the multiple languages, and that widens the spiritual connections with the foreign countries.  Eurasia IFF is a great means to strengthen the national and all-human values.  

The main aim of the "Eurasia" International film festival is to support the development of the Kazakhstan cinema art and industry, to raise the interest of the audience to the cinema art and to further promote the international cooperation.

 The purposes of the festival are:

- to develop & strengthen the international relations in the film industry, especially between Asian & European Countries, America, Central Asia and CIS countries which are the perspective partners for the coproduction and distribution;

- to position the "Eurasia" film festival as an original culture and cinema bridge between Europe and Asia;

- to represent & promote the best achievements of the Kazakhstan film industry;

- to develop the cooperation with the international cinema community, to support the common projects, promotion and distribution of the Kazakhstan films;

- to establish business relationships between producers, investors & distributors from the European & Asian countries and world film communitry;

- to promote the Kazakh films for the international film festivals including A list festivals;

- to develop the interest & patriotic feelings about the Kazakh cinema by the Kazakh films audience;

- to spread the information about the cultural and cinema life of Kazakhstan among the national and foreign mass media.