Meruert Utekesheva

Meruyert Utekesheva is famous Soviet and Kazakhstani film and theater actress, who played Kyz-Zhibek. The Honored Artist of the Kazakh SSR, She was born on 25 February, 1951 in Uralsk city. In 1968 she was nvited to play the main role in Kyz-Zhibek film. In 1969 - 1973 she studied and graduated from the theater department of the Kazakh State Institute of Arts named after Kurmangazy, in the class of Khadish Bukeyev, the National Artist of the USSR. Since 1973, she has been working continuously in the acting troupe of the Kazakh State Academic Drama Theater named after Auezov. Her first role in theater is Aliman in Mambetov’s play Mother’s Field. Laureate of the All-Union Youth Creative Competition which was held in Moscow in 1982 for the role of Karagoz in Karagoz production. In 1982 she became the Laureate of Zhige, the Republican Festival. In 2017 Meruyert was awarded the Order of Parassat for her outstanding contribution to the development of national culture, art and many years of creative activity.