Kazakhstani cinema is open for integration

A series of screenings of Eurasia, the Fifteenth International Film Festival held with full houses, were followed by meetings and workshops of film masters from all over the world. One of those was press conference and workshop from Alexander Shapiro, producer who shared the secrets of business in the Hollywood film industry.

Presenting the guest of the Festival, Andrey Khazbulatov, Chairman of the Board of State Center for the Support of National Cinema noted Alexander’s participation in the development of Kazakhstani cinema.

- Alexander Shapiro is the managing director of Media Content Capital joint venture that specializes in investments of media and entertainment sectors. As Chief Executive Officer of QED International Covert Media, member of the Board of Directors of Sonifi Solutions and VR MediaTech, he has been working in the US media industry for more than a quarter of a century. The films that he produced, including such as Rage, Sabotage, Rock in the East and many others, collected over $ 400 million at the box office. And most importantly, Alexander is a freelance advisor on licensing and branding for our center, free of charge. Therefore, he is not a stranger for Kazakhstani cinema! - He concluded.

Alexander himself pointed out that he was following the reforms in the Kazakhstan film industry with particular interest. According to him, the adopted Law “On –°inematography” will open up the possibility of integration with the world film business for Kazakhstan.

- Since the adoption of the Law “On –°inematography”, we have worked closely with Andrey Khazbulatov, the head of State Center for the Support of National Cinema, and conducted active negotiations on attracting local managers of large film companies. Taking into account all the preferences that the new Law gives, I am sure that the world cinema major players will appear in the Kazakhstani film industry in the near future, since Hollywood is already showing great interest. An example of this is the fam-tour organized by the Center, - he noted.

After the meeting with the media was over, a workshop dedicated to ‘Business in the cinema industry. How does business in Hollywood work’ was held. Its participants analyzed the business models used in the film content industry, the advantages and differences of technologies, the activities of private agents and agencies representing the interests of actors, directors and writers, and other issues accordingly.